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BUD's Environmental Testing

BUD's Environmental Testing

Bud’s Testing provides environmental companies and state services with efficient and accurate analyses of water, soil, and sediment samples.

  • UST Management
  • Fuel Spill
    BTEX, GRO, DRO, TNRCC 1005
  • Salt Water/Frac Water Spill
    Conductivity, Chlorides, Total Soluble Salts
  • Soil Farming
    TNRCC 1005, Conductivity
  • Inorganic Analysis
    Chloride, Conductivity, Total Soluble Salts, Total Solids, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Suspended Solids, pH, Chlorine
  • Organic Analysis
    TNRCC 1005, Hydrocarbon Fingerprinting, Custom Analytes

BUD's Oil & Natural Gas Testing

BUD's Oil & Natural Gas Testing

Bud’s Testing provides component analysis for natural gas and tests a broad spectrum of petroleum products, from light condensate and crude, to paraffins, and waxes. We follow ASTM methods and exceed quality control requirements.

  • Simulated Distillation
    Simulated distillation saves time and money, requiring a much smaller sample volume than traditional distillation methods. We perform simulated distillation through a variety of established methods, including: ASTM D2887, ASTM D6352, and ASTM D7169.
  • HTGC (High Temp Gas Chromatography)
    HTGC is capable of resolving hydrocarbon chains up to n-C120. By allowing the weight percentage of specific fractions or single hydrocarbon components to be determined, HTGC is extremely helpful for identifying flow assurance problems.
  • Hydrocarbon Profile
    Hydrocarbon profiles are similar in scope to ASTM simulated distillation methods. They are valuable tools that can help characterize crude oil and other petroleum products.
  • Physical Properties
    Flashpoint, API Gravity, Density, Initial Boiling Point, Distillation, etc.

BUD's Medical Cannabis Testing

Bud’s Testing provides full panel compliance testing for growers, processors, dispensers, and individuals with a quick and accurate analyses of flowers, edibles, oils, extracts, and resins.

All testing that are brought in after 12:00 p.m. will not start the testing process until the following morning.  In addition, all testing is completed within 5-7 business days. The sample size includes the 90 day reserve period mandated by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. You will receive the remaining product after the hold is released. 

We take your liability first and for-most. We realize our sample size is a little more than most, but that is the reason why. Protecting you as well as us!

Flower – 10 grams

Concentrates – 4 grams

Edibles – 4 grams

Medical Cannabis Testing Prices

Full OMMA 2022 Compliance Testing Packages

  • 1st Time Full Compliance $300
  • Full Veteran Compliance $325
  • Full Compliance $360

OMMA 2022 Individual Item Compliance Testing

*discounts available based on quantity*

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BUD's Who We Are

With the honesty and integrity at Bud’s Testing you will receive accurate results with analysis down to a molecular level.
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